Since I came to the United States many people have been telling me to get get the Gardasil vaccine against the virus HPV (Human Papilloma Virus, a member of the  Papovavirus family).This disease is considered as a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), since it requires direct contact to be transmitted so using a condom should also reduce the risk of transmission. This virus causes Genital warts, however that is not why it is considered to be so dangerous. This virus causes genital warts by infecting the squamous epithelial tissue that is exposed due to tears in the skin that leaves the skin extremely vulnerable. When the HPV infects those layers it causes increases the cell growth by stopping the suppressor proteins (that have the job of inhibiting cell growth at that layer of the skin), this leads to the growth of the skin outwards which leads to the formation of warts. For the warts the only way to treat them is to remove them. However this is not the worst thing that could happen as the virus can cause cancer when it integrates into the cell’s DNA. The formation of the cancer happens primarily in women whre the most common type is cervical cancer.The best solution for this infection is prevention, since the complications can cause problems and increased cancer risk in the future. The prevention methods as was mentioned earlier include acquiring the vaccine Gardasil, and the use of a condom during intercourse.

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