As this is my last blog entry I will be discussing a very dangerous issue. This issue deals with viral drug resistance. As dangerous as the threat of the increased bacterial drug resistance is, the viral drug resistance is just as dangerous. There are several reasons to why viral drug resistance is dangerous, but one of the main reasons would be the fact that viruses have a very high mutation rate. This issue has been one of the main reasons to why it is very problematic to find a treatment for HIV. Since HIV has an unbelievably rapid mutation rate. In addition to HIV, several influenza strains have been proven to be to several of the agents that are being used to treat it. This poses several questions, including whether we are producing drugs as fast as the viruses are developing the resistance against them. This issue seems to be like an on-going war where the viruses, even though hindered, are always a step ahead of us.

Their extremely rapid mutation rate is, however, not the only reason. Another major reason would be how the drugs themselves are being administered. The more the viruses are exposed to the antiviral agents, the more likely they will adapt and become resistant, therefore becoming even more virulent to us humans. As was mentioned earlier several unanswered questions arise. Including should antiviral agents be administered without the physician being a hundred percent positive that a certain disease is absolutely caused by a certain virus? Should pharmaceutical companies continuously work on new drugs since their production is both an expensive and long process? Should we humans be scared? Should we be threatened?

There is only way that these questions could be answered and that is through continuous research that involve both the viruses (it seems like we know too little about them) and drugs that could be developed. In addition to that the drugs themselves should be administered safely. That means that their administration should be both safe and controlled (only administered when required). Otherwise we could be safe practicing hygienic and preventive techniques to avoid contracting a viral disease.